Accessories for the south-African braai

The Home Fires Braai: really the most versatile barbecue!

In each Home Fires Braai you can use the following accessories:

    Potjiekos on the south African braai
  • south-African potjie (Dutch oven)
    The south African potjie is about the most important cooking accessory for the African population. All daily food, from the porridge or the mince for the breakfast, to soups, stews, everything goes in the pot.

  • rotisserie
    In my opinion, the rotisserie is, except for the oven, the most important accessory. Cause Grilled chickens from the braai are really great and juicy! Don't hesitate to take the cheapest chicken you can find, even those get juicy and tasty on the rotisserie!
    Tip: slide the grill under the rotisserie and put a pan with potatoes and a little water in it, under the chicken, and you get the tastiest potatoes because the juice from the chicken drips on the potatoes! Also try grilling large pieces of meat, like pork shoulders, kebab or shawarma on the rotisserie, it's really great!

  • Barbecuing on a wood fire has never been so easy and cozy as with the Home Fires Braai from south Africa Roti de cerf a la broche au barbecue Braai
  • stainless steel wok with support
    At first you might think: I'm not going to cook Asian on the braai so I do not need that wok. But in the wok, for example, you can also prepare fantastic mussels!
    The grid of the wok is also available separately, ideal for putting a potjie on or a pizza stone or crepe baking plate!

  • Campfire grate
    If you think the fire in the coal maker isn't big enough then we can supply a Camp fire grate. So after cooking you can make a fire next to the coal maker!

  • Oven - hot smoker
    The oven is a really essential accessory for me! Ideal for slow-cooking, to bake bread or pizzas in combination with the pizza stones, perfect for hot smoking and of course also for all normal oven dishes!

  • Pizza stones
    Pizza stones are available in 2 sizes, 1 rectangular to be placed in the Braai instead of a grid and a square pizza stone that fits the braai oven perfectly. This square pizza stone comes with a stainless steel base. When you remove the stone from the Braai oven you can place it on the base and serve it on the table!

  • Grilled speck on the barbecue Braai
  • stainless steel plancha griddle
    The stainless steel plancha griddle is perfect for grilling fish and seafood, also for vegetables, rösti, vegan burgers, hamburgers and other sensitive products.
    For desert, you can also make pancakes and so on!
    As a plancha griddle we also have a cast iron version available, a little more work to maintain but very thick and that keeps the heat!

  • quarter grill grid
    This small grill grille is especially easy to put in the top of the braai as a warming grate. If one of your creations goes too fast, you can park it on this grid until the rest cached up ;-)

  • The Braai drawers full of food
  • Crepe kit (also for pancakes)
    A real steel baking tray for French crepes from the barbecue! Comes with wooden spatula and spreader and this griddle is very nice to make crepes for desert. Also just fun to bake crêpes in the weekend with the kids, to keep them busy!

  • Tosti iron
    The sandwich iron remains a classic that belongs to any wood fire; bread, cheese, ham, (and I like a little Hela curry in between) and you will have the tastiest toasts in no time!

  • Wood Racks
    If you want to build extra worktables, you can order the wood racks. You will keep the same style as the Braai, but you have to find a table top yourself. Tip: think of natural stone terrace tiles as a table top

  • Our accessory range is expanded regularly, so bear this page in mind for funny new things!